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Wrangler eliminates water waste with new denim range!

Denim has a dire manufacturing reputation. How much water does it take to make a pair of jeans? 16000 litres!

Wrangler though have been working at innovative processes to eliminate this waste.

‘It takes a lot of water and energy to create denim’s recognisable indigo shades. That’s why we have developed Indigood™ to change the way we dye our fabric. It includes a new innovative foam-dyeing process that uses 100% less water and wastewater is virtually eliminated. Next to that, both energy use and waste are reduced by more than 60% when compared to conventional denim dyeing. This pioneering technology promises to revolutionise the whole denim industry.

“This is an elegant ‘one-process step’ that removes 100% of water from the dye process as well as reducing energy and waste by 60% each” says Roian Atwood, the senior director of global sustainable business at the parent company Kontoor Brands.

The pieces in its first collection using the technology are made from up to 30% recycled cotton. It is a case, says Atwood, of not waiting to be 100%, but to take small steps. “Sustainability is a journey to making improvement – you can have a small initiative that is seen as a key priority,” he says.
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