Veganism. It’s official. We can no longer assume it’s just for arty thespians, hippy filmmakers or eco warriors.

A Journey Through Puberty

Is 'Stranger Things' a metaphor for puberty?

235m Items of Clothing Sent to Landfill Last Year

A T shirt and a pair of jeans? A: 20,000 litres of water to make. 3 out of 5 Items end up in landfill...

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

Last years exhibition seen through the eyes of 2 musicians from the break-through band Wild Front.

The Burlesque Game

The World burlesque Games 2018 are on 9/10/11 November, at the Shaw Theatre, London. We made this film from the 2016 event. Filmmaker Eleonora Cristin

Danny Gogo Interview

Danny GoGo…..remember the name…..he is a man of many talents! We met up with him in his home town of Brighton to chat to...

Beauty Unmasked – Witness the Finess

Terrance is a fitness instructor that has recently started out on a fitness modelling career. What I want to know is what is involved...

Charlotte Wood & Munroe Bergdorf Discuss the Transgender Journey

Meet Charlotte x Munroe. They’re both transgender women who came to talk to us about their trans-journeys. Our conversation gets a little emotional at one...

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