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This Weeks Cream!

The cream of this weeks releases (our opinion of course!) .

Shakespeares Sister – All the Queen’s Horses

After picking up an Ivor Novello award in 1993 Marcela and Siobhan didn’t speak to each other for 26 years. Now, with all the misunderstanding out of the way they decamped to Joshua Tree and the ‘creative juggernaut’ was launched again.
All the Queen’s Horses has that Morricone/spaghetti western feel…
Siobhan “I’ve been obsessed with Lee Hazlewood for the last seven years and knew I wanted to make a record influenced by him and Morricone, Serge Gainsbourg and John Barry – that flavour.’

Merival – No Brakes

Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Merival – moniker for Anna Horvath – launches her video for the bewitching new single, ‘No Brakes’ Following on from her debut EP, ‘Lovers’ and a smattering of recent singles, ‘No Brakes’ sits as Horvath’s first formal step forward in the UK of 2019.

‘No Brakes’, which comes produced by Sam Gleason (Charlotte Cornfield, Omhouse), finds Merival seamlessly coalescing her penchant for still, serene vocals with swooning, carousel-like rhythms and melodies. Speaking about the video, Anna says: “The video for ‘No Brakes’ was a fun flip around from the track. Whereas lyrically we had a serious subject: depression, and does feeling worse make better art? — This topic was given a spin with contrasting musical elements, for the video we took a kind of goofy narrative and tried to lend some gravitas to the actions around it.”

The Luck – If This is Love

The Luck (brother and sister duo Max and Esmay Luck)  hailing from London are back with another whimsical Americana track ‘If This Is Love’. Mellow and gutsy… upbeat and yet sad!
“Esmay was making her way through a breakup as we were writing the track” Max explains, “and she needed to find some positive reassurance in the experience”. She needed to know that “if it was really meant to be, then they’d eventually end up together”, a sentiment that the single perfectly encapsulates.

Benedict Benjamin – Tell Me if You’re Lonely

‘Tell Me If You’re Lonely’ – is the final single to be lifted from the album Truant.

The new single opens with a fuzzy guitar refrain, before creeping into psychedelia territory in its vocal delivery and instrumentation. The song closes with Benedict pining for a sense of irresponsibility: “I feel stuck in my life / if you feel the same come on by / I would like something better to do”.

Speaking on the track Benedict said: “This is a song about longing to be irresponsible and do stupid self indulgent shit because you don’t feel good about yourself. I think it was on my mind because (gonna repeat this a lot) we were expecting a baby and I was aware that I couldn’t do that anymore and it freaked me out.”

Dan Owen – Run Me Down

‘Loud and Emotional!’ The song reflects Dan’s development and journey, from the early days of playing pubs in his Shrewsbury hometown to becoming an international touring artist.

Having played across the world with the likes of Jake Bugg, Kaleo, Birdy, Alice Merton and Imelda May and completing numerous sold out headline tours across the UK, Europe and US, he has gained new perspectives, independence and direction along the way.

The ‘Run Me Down’ video finds Dan putting a dash of Hollywood into his Shrewsbury roots and captures an intense captivating road trip through the English countryside.

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